Seoul World Cup Park – Beautiful park where used to be the landfill

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Seoul World Cup Park is one of the largest park in Seoul. It is an ecological park built in Sangamdong (상암동). This park is also called Haneul (하늘공원)  or Sky Park. A long time ago, this park was a big disposal site where no one in Seoul want to come close, the water, soil and air was heavily polluted here. In 2002, it was the 17th World Cup held in South Korea and Japan, it’s a important moment for the impetus to create a spectacular green space. The city government try their best to create a friendly environmental park so far. This park is so close to Seoul World Cup Stadium (월드컵경기장) and made up of 5 adjacent sub-parks : Neoul, Haneul, Nanji Riverside, Nanjicheon, and Pyeonghwa.

Seoul World Cup Stadium

In front of the Seoul World Cup Stadium it has a wide area with the fountain which shows of water, light and music sometimes. The park has also organized music activities or performed traditional music instruments.

A band is preparing to perform
A band is preparing to perform

There are a small dog park where the dogs exercise and play off-leash under the supervision of their owners near the stadium.

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Small dog park

From World Cup Stadium you can get the park through the blue arched bridge and the zigzagging wood staircase, it takes about 15-20 minutes by walk.

The blue wood arched bridge
Zigzag staircase

The Seoul World Cup Park includes different places: sunflower garden, Japanese bloodgrass (or cogongrass) and reed hill, camping area (Pyeonghwa park), fireflies museum, ecological garden and golf course (Neoul park). There are over 80 different varieties of plants and flower have been planted in this park. Walking along this path you will get to the sunflower garden, looking at the right side, a lot of common types of squash and vine (which I don’t know the name): gourd, zucchini, pumpkin… are grown like a lush carpet.

The walk-up trail to the main park

The sunflower garden is usually stunning in summer from June to August. They begin to lose their shine and fading after that.

Sunflower garden

Go across the sunflower garden, you will get to the bloodgrass and reed hill, it looks like a plateau of green grass in summer and when autumn is comming, the reeds turn a gorgeous golden hue color. Toward to the centre of this plateau, there is a timber sculpture where people climb for better view. Specially, some couples come here and lock the love padlock on which the sweethearts’ name are inscribed to the fence to symbolize their love.

Japanese bloodgrass hill
Khóa tình nhân
The sculpture and love padlocks

People usually organize some social and cultural activities in this park. They also have ecological vegetation classes are opened for young students. In order to convey a message of environmental improvement. All the street lights here are powered by the wind power generators and the fuel from methane gas produced underground to protect the environment. In additional, you can basically camp overnight with you family or your friends in Noeul park ( the area near Han riverside), or explore the park by bike or foot to the hilltop park where offers some of the best views about a park of Seoul.

“Hope for children” – a social activities for young students


By subway: Line 6 (the brown line) to World Cup Stadium Station ( 월드컵경기장 619) , exit 1

By car: Seoul Mapo-gu, Nanjido-gil 45-1

Open hour: 9 AM


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