The Seoul City Wall of Mt.Bugaksan


One of the popular adventure sports in South Korea is hiking, and Bugaksan mountain is one of the best destinations. It was the main mountain for Seoul  inner mountains. Hiking trails are full of spectacular views and it’s not necessary to be an experienced hiker to enjoy them. There are many places to explore in this mountain with its own distinctive characters: the Bugaksan park, the Bugak Pavilion, Gilsangsa Temple or the Seoul City Wall ( Bugaksan part). The Seoul City Wall which measures between 5 and 8m high and is 18.6 km long has been rebuilt several times since its initial construction in 1396, and it served as city wall for the longest time among the existing walls in the world. Many visitor divide the path into smaller sections, so that you can choose the path for hiking or just simply visiting. Now, just get your walking boots on and discover one of the most ancient wall in South Korea.

While hiking in Bugaksan you can have change to discover the Seoul City Wall of Mt.Bugaksan (Bugaksanseong) was constructed in 132 AD, the trail along the wall had been closed in 1986 due to public access to this area was limited and finally reopened in 2007. From the  Sungkyunkwan University Tailgate bus stop by bus No.2, you can see the Waryong Park (와룡공원 ) sign, and a wooden walkway leading to the wall.

                           The wooden walkway leading to the wall

After passing the gate and taking a short walk in the wooden walkway you will see a part of stone wall, this is a part of ancient fortress.

                                                 A part of the wall

On the way to the main area, you can pass the wooden staircases go through the forest.


After climbing almost 15 minutes, you arrive to the main area of Seoul fortress where a part of the Seoul city wall is located in Bugaksan mountain. You should present your identification card or passport at the information centers, then fill out an entrance application form. The reason is this place is located near the presidential house and less than two hours from the border with North Korea.

               You must present passport or AC at the information center

After passing the information center with the access card which was issued there, you will see an old bungalows and the Fortress’s wall, an ancient gray stone wall covered with wildflower and vines.

                                              Wildflowers in the wall

Follow the stone wall up the hill, while walking along the wall, you can see a national guard soldier patrolling every 100 meters, they seem to be not too much friendly and openly for conversation 🙂 Photos is restricted here, you can take photos in place where there is no “No photography” sign, cause this place is highly sensitive area in military.


The views from on high are absolutely gorgeous, you will find the temple in the fog or a part of Seoul city. The tranquility of this place is worlds away from the bustle of the city.

                             Take in the magnificent views over the wall

There are plenty of wildflowers, wild fruits grow along the path


After reaching approx.342 meters high, the trail becomes steep and let come back downhill to get back until the path ends at the big gate.

                                                  Let’s roll down :))

Despite feeling uncomfortable because of highly secure area, this place gives visitors a change to view one of Korea’s most astounding relics and some of the natural attractions that draw thousand of visitors to this fortress each year.

***** Transportation

Exit out of exit 2 of  Anguk Station on Seoul metro line #3, there is a bus stop outside exit #2, take bus #02 to Sungkyunkwan university tailgate.

Opening hours: Closed every Monday. If a national holiday falls on a Monday, it will be closed on Tuesday

Summer (Mar. to Oct.): 9AM – 4PM

Winter (Nov. to Feb.): 10AM – 3PM


2 thoughts on “The Seoul City Wall of Mt.Bugaksan

  1. Hi,
    Mt. Bugaksan is so nice and making a note to include in our itinerary, if we visit Korea. Our plan to visit this November was cancelled. I like your photography style.

    Thanks for sharing.


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