A lazy tour around Buam-dong (Summer Version)


Buam-dong is neighbourhood of Samcheong-dong, just approx. 2 hours drive from Seoul centre. The tranquility of this small town will world away from the bustle in Seoul. In contrast to the neighborhood Samcheong-dong, this place is quiet and peaceful with cafes, art galleries or traditional restaurants. There are many places to explore here, love art ? Head to MUSEE WHANKI (Whanki museum), wanna get the best coffee, Espresso Club is a good choice. Korean drama’s fan ? it’s no doubt to get to Sanmotonge (산모퉁이) coffee shop. The dramatic scenery in this coffee shop has inspired the film makers, typical example is Coffee Prince MBC Korean drama which was taken in 2007.

                             A lovely cafe where serves Patbingsu

In the summer, this area is considered as cool zone Patbingsu. Patbingsu (ice sherbet) is a Korean favorite dessert which includes shaved ice and fruit syrup and nuts. Original Patbingsu just has 2 basic ingredients : shaved ice and red bean , after becomes more common, it has a lot of versions, mixed with fruits ( mango, coconut, kiwi), yogurt, chocolates , covered by syrup and nuts. This complicated-version of ice-cream will cool you down in the heat of summer.

     From left to right: red bean,chocolate and green tea Patbingsu

Checking out this lovely coffee shop, decorated with a huge welcome polar bear in front of the window, and a lot of cute polar bear inside with little ice mountains, it makes a cool space in summer time. The cafe is small with a few tables, they serve different types of Patbingsu: red bean, green tea, chocolates. The staffs are so nice and friendly, but they just speak Korean =.=’

                                     Decorations inside the cafe

In additional, there is plenty traditional restaurants in Buam-dong. Here, we can experience the best local cuisine at some of famous restaurants Gyeyeolsa (계열사 치킨) ( formerly Cheers Chicken), supposedly one of top 3 best places to get fried chicken in Seoul. They have fried chickens with crispy skin, served with potato wedges which were large and unpeeled. It’s pretty delicious with special sauce mixed by chili sauce, sesame and secret’s ingredients.

            Left to right : Fried chicken served with sauce, snail with noodle

The menu is all in Korean, find some words like “후라이드…” for fried chickens. Of course they also serve another dishes, one must try is snail with noodle (fresh noodle) and cucumber. This restaurant is so famous, it draws more of a crowds, so get here soon if you’re visiting in lunch time. Write down your name in a reservation sheet and waiting for your turn.


The coffee shops are decorated in “Korean style”, that say, cute and tiny decorations, colorful with flowers in the wooden fences. I love the small wooden sign with handwriting menu there, or lovely graffiti walls. Even in the small, narrow alleys, they are decorated carefully.



There’s something must-see here, a bronze statue of 최규식 (Choi Gyu-sik) on Jaha gate hill near the Buam-dong residential service office.  Now way back a little in history, this man is a policeman who killed in the line of duty when North Korean spies tried to penetrate the Green House.

                   Choi Gyu-sik’s statue

**** Transportation

Take the subway line #3 to Gyeongbokgung Station, exit #3. Go straight about 100m to a bus stop, take the bus #1020 or 7022. Get off at Buam-dong community service center (부암동민주센터). Find the Gyeyeolsa (계열사 치킨) restaurant at the address “258-3 Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul”


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