Roses in summer season

I have found those photos in a bunch of forgotten folder in my computer, remind me to the rose season in the summer, usually from the middle to end of May. The weather is fairly pleasant, not too cold because summer is about to come, nor too hot because it’s still in spring. It’s good for traveling, or simply walking around.


People here often organize some flower festivals in this time, cherry blossoms in the beginning of spring and roses in the end of spring. The rose festival take place in Jungnang-gu (중랑구), one of the districts of Seoul, located near Han riverside. It has on exhibit many species of roses and features a variety of fun activities. However, there is no need to come to this festival, we can enjoy the roses on the road, fences, or balcony. They bloom overwhelmingly for a short time.

Roses climb on the wall
Roses climb on the wall

There a many types of roses which are planted here. They bloom brightly colored nonstop from the middle to the end of May and hold their beauty long after the bud has opened.


                                                       These roses are billowing with colors

Located between Dongbu Expressway and Gwangnaru-ro, there is a small road where planted a lot of roses. At the time all people come to Jungnang-gu to visit the rose festival, it’s good idea to enjoy the roses in those small road.


In Gwangnaru-ro street, there is a staircase lead to the sidewalk. People do exercise here, running, cycling, walking or simply sitting in the wooden twig chairs and enjoying the scent of rose. This sidewalk is located on the dike near Eungbonggyo bridge, very quiet and leafy.

                                         Those tea roses are used to accent porches or entryway


Tea roses, they bloom large, cupped and rounded like a lovely wine goblet. They also climb, trail, ramble and form bushes large and small.

marie pavie

                                                                   Stunning widlflower


****  Transportation

The rose festival usually starts in the end of May. Take the train line #7 and get off at Meokgol (먹골역), exit #7

The sidewalk is near Eungbonggyo bridge, in Gwangnaru-ro, near this gas station



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